Assemblyman Mansoor Accused Attendee at Town Hall


Costa Mesa Town Hall Meeting, February 27, 2014, Costa Mesa, CA.

VIDEO #2 transcript:  “One person here tonight who was passing out literature…she asked Daisy. Who works on my campaign if she was here legally…or if she was an illegal alien. She’s not. She came here from Vietnam. Many of you know my dad came her from Egypt. My mother from Sweden. My mother-in-law came from Vietnam to escape communism.  So all these things, I just want to say to you tonight, I completely respect the rule of law.  And I will continue to work with reasonable people in our community but I will not be (driven) by a handful of people who make racist remarks. I am not beholden to anyone from any extreme organization from either side who makes these types of comments. And I believe it is they who are giving reasonable people a bad name. With all that in mind, immigration is a federal issue, and we are here tonight to talk about state issues.”  The  attendee accused by Assemblyman Mansoor at the town hall for having asked a campaign worker if she was an illegal alien, said that she never made this statement to the staff member.  

Assemblyman Mansoor was 1 of 15 CA Republican State Legislators who signed a letter to the CA Republican Congressional Delegation in support of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.  The Western Grows Association, WGA, promoted the letter and staged press conferences. READ the letter here: