San Diego Open-Borders Protest (Otay Mesa Port of Entry)

Published on Mar 11, 2014

A pro-illegal immigration protest was held at the Otay Mesa border crossing (San Diego) on March 10, 2014, led by open-border extremists and Chicano nationalists. There was some concern the crowd on the Mexican side would rush the border crossing, but CBP agents were forewarned and well-prepared. Only a few dozen protesters gathered on the other side and were blocked by CBP agents.

The protest demanded that relatives of so-called dreamers be returned to the US. About 30 people were reported to have attempted to cross the border. Some claimed discrimination in Mexico due to such things as homosexuality or as abused women and asked for asylum. Such requesters are often given entry into the US and housed in hotels at taxpayer expense until they can be heard in court. The asylum seekers often disappear in the meantime after a good rest in the hotel at taxpayer expense and never show up in court.

The lone counter-protester argued that Mexicans should be protesting the corrupt Government in Mexico, run by the drug cartels, and try to make things better for all Mexicans, not just a few, and that illegal aliens are criminals. She said that Mexicans ought to respect the law and appreciate the US.

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