Home Depot Day Labor Site No Amnesty Rally Westminster, CA 5/3/14

CONTRAST the 2 videos below, taken during a No Amnesty Rally in front of the Westminster Home Depot Day Labor site.

The illegal alien supporter cranks up Ranchero music in the first video during the No Amnesty Rally.  In the second video, a patriot who had his music cranked up loud,  from within his decked out truck during the rally, was cited by officers and ended up with a $100 fine.  Four officers were called on scene and two well-equipped police vehicles staged during the issuing of the citation.

VIDEO #1 – Illegal alien supporter and his vehicle in the Home Depot parking lot.

VIDEO #2 – Patriot cranked up his music and was issued $100 citation, across the street from the rally line.



2 police vehicles and 4 officers were on scene as Joe was issued a citation for noise violation.

Above, Joe’s truck featuring a stuffed animal, at right in the photo.

2 police vehicles and 4 officers on scene, to issue the noise violation citation.