Recruit Your Sheriff to Gather in DC
Citizen Lobbyists Visited San Bernardino County
Sheriff’s John McMahon’s Office

San Bernardino, CA   11/14/14
By Robin Hvidston

Photo in front of San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon’s office, displaying the Stolen Lives Quilt panel for 2 Sacramento area Deputy Sheriffs killed in action, 10/24/14, by an illegal alien who had been deported more than 2 times.   An info packet requesting that Sheriff McMahon attend the Washington, DC, Sheriffs’ meeting was delivered to his office. Remembrance Project Stolen Lives Quilt:

Bristol County, MA Sheriff Hodgson’s letter about the sheriffs’ meeting was printed out and delivered in the info packet to Sheriff McMahon. Read the letter here:

In strong support of the the upcoming Sheriffs’ December 10th Washington, DC, meeting to oppose Obama’s Amnesty plan, citizens visited San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon’s office to encourage him to attend the meeting.

Paul Arce, Deputy Sheriff Public Affairs, met with the group and accepted a packet of information that included Bristol County Sheriff Hodgson’s letter about the meeting, articles  and information about We he People Rising and the  Remembrance Project Stolen Lives Quilt.

A  request was presented that Sheriff McMahon, along with other California sheriffs, attend the December 10th Washington, DC, meeting to honor and to seek justice for the 2 Sacramento area sheriffs murdered by an illegal alien.

Deputy Sheriff Arce said that he would hand deliver the info packet to the sheriff about the Washington, DC, event.  Attendees at the meeting with Deputy Sheriff Arce will follow up with telephone calls this week.