SENATOR STAFF MEMBERS CALLED POLICE. CA State Senator Norma Torres district office Citizen Lobby meeting

10/20/14 SENATOR STAFF MEMBERS CALLED POLICE. CA State Senator Norma Torres district office Citizen Lobby meeting, Chino, CA. Citizens OPPOSING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. STAFF MEMBERS CALLED POLICE during Citizen Lobby Meeting OPPOSING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PHONE (916) 651-4032 Sacramento (909) 591-7016 Chino

During a scheduled meeting with Senator Torres’ staff members – at 58 seconds in the video – 2 police officers interrupted the constituent speaking. Officers stormed into the meeting and remained for the duration of the 35 minute meeting. Torres’ staff had called the police. Open border Senator Torres supports illegal aliens entering and residing in CA. But law officers were called on scene when U.S. citizens visited the district office in order to express opposition to CA legislation that Senator Torres voted for, and Governor Brown signed into law – that will grant $3 million dollars to illegal Central American border crossers.

Staff member Michael Cervantez instructed Robin Hvidston, Executive Director, We The People Rising, to turn off her video camera when the police arrived. Multiple attendees expressed outrage that officers interrupted and “stood guard” during the meeting. Citizen Lobbyist Adrienne Murphy stated that the presence of officers at the meeting was unwarranted. After the meeting, Vaughn Becht interviewed both officers and obtained badge numbers, names and business cards.

Report Written By Citizen Lobbyist at the meeting: “Democrat State Senator TORRES FOR CA-DISTRICT 32: During a scheduled meeting on Oct. 20, 2014, SENATOR TORRES (CA-Dem. from District-32) staff members CALLED POLICE OFFICERS who then stormed in after the meeting’s start…and stayed for the duration (approximately 35 minutes) while Citizen Lobbyists and constituents voiced objections over SB1159, the Senator’s new proposed bill to grant $3 MILLION DOLLARS for THE BENEFIT OF ILLEGALS from Central America…porous borders, diseases brought by the illegal aliens, increased crime due to illegal alien gang members flooding the Mexican/American border, joblessness among over 1.6 million citizens of California, homeless vets in CA, and over 600,000 citizen foster children…while illegals were getting free services IN FRONT OF THE CITIZENRY.”

Senator Norma Torres – was among State Legislators that announced the passage of legislation for the allotment of $3 million for illegal Central America border crossers