U.S. Citizens “illegally” Inside of the Mexican Consulate San Bernardino, CA

2/27/15 San Bernardino, CA – After being told to exit the Mexican Consulate, U.S. citizens remained “illegally.” When inside of the Mexican Consulate, you are on Mexican soil.
U.S. Citizens staged a demonstration in opposition to Obama’s unilateral, executive immigration plan in front of the San Bernardino City Hall (former DHS satellite office) and the San Bernardino Mexican Consulate. Citizens presented a letter to Deputy Consul Hugo Rene Oliva Romero. When asked to leave the consulate, U.S. Citizens stated they were on Mexican soil illegally and requested driver’s licenses, work permits, food stamps and rights from the Mexican government.http://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/sanbernardino/ Video by Robin Hvidston, We The People Rising https://wethepeoplerising.wordpress.com/

2/27/15 San Bernardino, CA
After a No Executive Amnesty rally across the street in front of the San Bernardino City Hall, next to the former DHS satellite office, rally participants entered the Mexican Consulate to deliver a file copy of the letter to DHS in opposition to Obama’s amnesty plan.