Senator Ricardo Lara’S Bill SB 174 To Allow Illegal Aliens To Be Appointed To Boards and Commissions

CALL YOUR CA ASSEMBLY MEMBER – tell them to vote NO on SB 174 on the full floor assembly vote.  Find you CA State Assembly Member here:

Sacramento Hearing

Senator Ricardo Lara’S Bill To Allow Illegal Aliens To Be Appointed To Boards and Commissions

Assembly Judiciary Committee
7/3/18 Sacramento, CA  – Report by Robin Hvidston
Photo in front of the CA Assembly Judiciary Committee room. From left to right: Louis Reyes, Tai Decker, Greg Susca, Jean McCloud, Raul Rodriguez, Gloria Manchiocci, and Robin Hvidston, photographer.

VIDEO of the Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing. Senator Ricardo Lara presented his bill SB 174 to allow illegal aliens to serve on boards and commissions and receive grant and stipend monies. Gary Grindall61 uploaded the hearing to his You Tube channel. As was expected, the bill passed out of committee along a party line vote. All Assembly committees are comprised of 6 Democrats and 3 Republicans.
Expert witnesses against SB 174 testify at 8:41
Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing. 
At committee hearings, the bill order depends on when the author of the bill signs in. Senator Ricardo Lara normally signs in to be one of the first presenters. However, during this hearing, he did not sign in until the second to the last presenter. He dashed in through a private side door to present his illegal alien bill, and when the hearing was finished, he dashed back out quickly through a side door.  It was concluded he was trying to dodge We The People Rising members when he spoke at the end of the hearing schedule, after arriving and leaving through a private side door…

It was a full schedule so the group of Citizen Lobbyists had to sit through about 14 hearings before Senator Ricardo Lara’s bills were presented.