American Killed By Illegal Alien Who Had Been In Custody Previous Month For DUI

Contact your elected officials & congress and demand deportation of illegal aliens!
THE REMEMBRANCE PROJECT: A Voice For Victims Killed By Illegal Aliens

Mark Knapp, 59, on November 10. 2019 was driving his tractor on the shoulder of the road to the car wash in order to spruce it up before putting it away for the winter. 

He had recently retired after working as a union electrician for Knapp Electric for more than 20 years. DRUNK DRIVING, GUATEMALAN ILLEGAL ALIEN  Heriberto R. Perez-Velasquez, 31, rammed into him and killed him. It was a hit an run as the illegal alien fled on foot. The previous month, Perez-Velasquez was arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest.

Mark Knapp is survived by his wife and 2 daughters.

Let us pause a moment to remember our fellow American – beloved father, husband and son – who is no longer with us because elected officials refuse to deport criminal aliens. He is permanently separated from his family through no fault of his own.


Heriberto Perez-Velasquez was arrested by a New York State trooper October 18, 2019 in the town of Butler in Wayne County, charged with resisting arrest and drunken driving. He ran on foot from police and had a blood alcohol level of .22 percent, state police said. According to an article, the state troopers contacted the border patrol who issued an emergency detainer. State troopers do not have a facility to detain suspects, so the state troopers attempted to transfer him to the local county jail in Wayne County. The Wayne County jail apparently claimed the drunk driving illegal alien did not meet the requirements to be housed in the county jail, so state troopers released him to a sober third party with a date to appear in court on November 27th.

CONTACT the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department

Let Wayne County Sheriff
 Barry C. Virts know that his county jail should have housed the criminal alien on October 18th when State Police attempted to transfer him to the county jail. When the Wayne County Jail refused to admit the criminal alien, State Police released him to a sober third party.
Law enforcement should turn criminal aliens over to ICE!