Constituents Tell Dem Rep Norma Torres OPPOSE AMNESTY BILL Outside Her LOCKED OFFICE & Leave Letter

3/16//21 Ontario, CA Constituent call upon Democrat Congresswoman Norma Torres to vote no on amnesty bills HR 6 Dream Act and HR 1603 Farmworker Amnesty. Norma Torres supports an open border. Of note, she arrived in the USA as a child from Guatemala on a tourist visa. She overstayed her visa, and was in the United States illegally until she was a teen.
Congress Member Norma Torres

Contact Your Congress Member!

IMPORTANT!  We fight against  “DREAMER” Amnesty because if “DREAMER” Amnesty is passed, NEXT the push would be to give amnesty to the parents of “Dreamers” and after that, the next special interest group and so on….

CONTACT YOUR CONGRESS MEMBER and demand a NO vote on the “DREAMER” amnesty. Tell your congress member to help the more than 400,000 U.S. foster kids! In addition, approximately 2.7 million U.S. kids have a parent in prison and are separated from the parent, they should be the focus of  an AMERICAN DREAMER bill. Where is the legislation to help these American kids as well as homeless American families, veterans and unemployed Americans?  Tell your congress member Help Americans First!