Huntington Park Mayor Removes Dr. Newman

FIGHTING BACK in Huntington Park City Council Meeting
10/21/15 Huntington Park, CA

At the 10/21/15 Huntington Park City Council Meeting, 3 new Huntington Park residents joined the ranks at the city council meeting, fighting back against the 2 illegals appointed to commission seats – calling for their commission seats to be rescinded. Photo below.

Photo after the public comments segment of the council meeting.

Betty Ratama, one of the Huntington Park citizens fighting back against the 2 illegals who were appointed to commission seats, has been appointed to the Huntington Park Civil Service Commission.

Councilmember Amezquita

Above photo, beautiful Huntington Park Betty – appointed as a commissioner in Huntington Park! She is the role model, the example of an upstanding, model citizen who deserves to be a commissioner in Huntington Park! She was appointed by the lone Huntington Park City Councilman, Valentin Amezquita, who voted against appointing the 2 illegals to commission seats, who are on the Parks and Recreation and Health and Education Huntington Park Commission seats.




Huntington Park, CA
VIEW THE VIDEO where Dr. Newman is removed from the chambers:…
Arthur Schaper addressed the Huntington Park City Council. In August, the city council appointed 2 illegals to commission seats. Article below. Dr. Newman responds in the audience saying, “YES!” At the end of the video, Mayor Macias announces a 5 minute recess and states that Dr Newman will be removed from the meeting for saying yes. The mayor deployed the police chief and 5 officers to remove Dr. Newman from the meeting. Taking him downstairs, he was then “guarded” by 2 police officers.
Video by Robin Hvidston We The People Rising.



Huntington Park, CA City Council 
Mayor MaciasVice Mayor OrtizCouncilmember AmezquitaCouncilmember PinedaCouncilmember Sanabria
Mayor Macias, Council Members Ortiz, Amezquita (voted no and opposes 2 illegal commissioners), Pineda and Sanabria
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