Trump Supporters @ Pro Sanctuary City Press Conference San Bernardino, CA 8/4/17


Open Border “Clergy” Press Conference
Denouncing Attorney General Jeff Session’s Letter To San Bernardino Police Chief!

Trump Supporters Counter Rally In Support of Enforcing The Law
8/4/17 San Bernardino City Hall, San Bernardino, CA
Report by Robin Hvidston

READ Attorney General Jeff Session letter to the San Bernardino Police Chief. Scroll down to letter #3.

San Bernardino City Hall – staging in front of the pro illegal press conference.

As the “clergy” and pro illegal groups arrived, a “fence” had been “constructed” along the walkway to the press conference.
San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said Thursday that San Bernardino is not a ‘Sanctuary City’ and will have a hard time complying with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ requests to show they comply with immigration authorities.
The Justice Department sent letters to Burguan and four other police departments earlier Today, asking them to confirm their cooperation with U.S. immigration officials or face losing federal assistance to confront crime.
Sessions is asking for the aforementioned cities to honor requests from the Department of Justice to contact the Department of Homeland Security 48 hours prior to releasing undocumented immigrants and possibly detain them for up to 48 hours to permit immigration authorities to take over custody.
“Each of these provisions are directed at jurisdictions who operate correctional or detention facilities,” Burguan said in a press statement. “The City of San Bernardino Police Department does not operate a jail facility.  Those individuals arrested by the Police Department are booked and lodged into the custody of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.”

Trump Supporters DEFEND Trump Hollywood Star As Trump Protesters Rage

The group NO Trump/Pence organized protests nationwide on July 15, 2017.  The protesters who organized *Meet at Trump’s star at Hollywood & Highland 3pm were met by Trump supporters on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, defending the Donald Trump Hollywood Star.

Citizens COUNTER RALLY Sheriff Protest Pro Illegal Pastor: SAID CHRIST UNDOCUMENTED

3/15/17 San Bernardino, CA Sheriff’s Department protested by illegals who support the California sanctuary state bill, SB 54. Inland Congregation, a branch of PICO supported by the Catholic Church, organized the protest.



The California Sheriffs’ Association OPPOSES the sanctuary state bill. Citizens in support of the law arrived before the illegals & their support group, then counter rallied in support of enforcing the law. Video by Robin Hvidston We The People Rising

San Bernardino County Sheriff

Inland Congregation United For Change

Brea, CA Spirit of America Trump Rally

Organized protesters of the left –, Our Revolution, unions and other groups have been continually targeting Republican Congressman Ed Royce, as well as other Orange County Republicans, protesting at their district offices (and even protesting at some staff members’ homes) aggressively opposing the Trump agenda.

Trump supporters staged the Spirit of America Trump rally in front of Congressman Ed Royce’s Brea district office to counteract the left and show support for  President Trump’s agenda.

Above a new American citizen, who legally immigrated from Taiwan, and said that he was proud to vote for President Trump!

There was a downpour during the rally!

The rain eventually cleared, and the Trump march from Congressman Ed Royce’s office proceeded to the main boulevard.


LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP – for Spirit of America Rally Attendees To Sign

A group visited with Congressman Ed Royce’s staff member and left information about upcoming Trump events and expressed strong support for the new administration.



Illegals Protest Senator Feinstein Block Public Access 8/6/15 Los Angeles

Protesting Senator Dianne Feinstein because she denounced the illegal who killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco, CA.

Pro illegal groups are denouncing U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein because she has stated she opposes sanctuary cities after a 5 time deported illegal on 7/1/15 killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco, CA. On 8/6/15 illegals and their supporters protested in front of Senator Feinstein’s Los Angeles office, blocking public access to the office.

 REPORT from the Presidential Debate site, Simi Valley Rally outside of the Reagan Library – flyer below, organized by Tony Dolz

Vaughn Becht called

Vaughn Becht called at 2pm and reported about 300 people – loud pro illegals but he said there was a good showing of patriots. Some of those in attendance are Patrice Lynes, Mike McGetrick, Betty and Darrell Robinson, Joann, Stella, Robert Lauten, Raul Rodriguez, Robert Newman, Janet West, Wes Parker, Chanell Temple, Tressy Capps, Ly Kou and Anita Hynds. The two sides were designated by police to stand on opposite sides of the street, at the entrance to the Ronald Reagan Library. There was a lot of media present.

Cell phone photos from Betty Robinson

Below Pro Illegals – staging near the entrance to the Ronald Reagan Library

Betty Robinson Called

Betty Robinson had a great sign that read TRUMP TELLS THE TRUTH.  She walked to the side where the pro illegals were staging so that her sign would be visible as the debate goers arrived.  She said the illegals poked her sign with sticks, blocked her sign, threw water on it and she was shoved. And green gum was put on the sign.

The police were notified and seem to not take significant action.

But Betty Robinson prevailed and she said Donald Trump drove by her with his window down and saw her sign. They had friendly eye contact as he saw her sign!

Betty, center of the photo, with her sign – Trump Tells The Truth

Below photo of the pro law side! Tony Doltz organized the rally.

Betty Robinson called. She is safe and sound – back on the side with the pro law supporters!  She said that there were a couple hundred of the illegals and their supporters and more than 100 patriots!