Constituents Ask Rep Lou Correa To REMOVE Student Painting of the Statue of Liberty in a Hijab on Display: in the District Office Santa Ana, CA

Dem Congressman Hangs Hijab-Clad Statue of Liberty Painting on Office Wall, Refuses to Remove

Rep Lou Correa: Displaying Statue of Liberty in a HIJAB

7/3/17 We The People Rising Citizen Lobbyists met with Rep Lou Correa’s staff members

Santa Ana, CA Congressional District Office

WTPR Citizen Lobbyists met with Rep Lou Correa’s staff members on 7/3/17, to request that the painting be removed.

On 6/22/17, during Rep Lou Correa’s open house reception, Citizen Lobbyists discovered a student art entry that depicts the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab. According to the Muslim faith, a woman who wears a hijab is a devout Muslim.

A Muslim definition of what a hijab signifies, shown below, was presented in the packet to Rep Lou Correa in order to clarify that the painting of the Statue of Liberty, in a hijab, signals that she is a Muslim. Displaying this painting in a U.S. House of Representative’s office is a violation of the separation of church and state, according to a legal consultant who analyzed this issue.

VIDEO: Citizen Lobbyists met with Rep Lou Correa’s staff members and submitted a letter.  After the meeting with staff members, the Citizen Lobbyists bumped into Rep Lou Correa in the parking lot.

Mike McGetrick met with constituents and distributed flyers to residents in the district last week.

Student  Congressional Art Competition entry – on display in Rep Lou Correa’s office.




Congressional Student Art Competition


Trump Supporters @ Pro Sanctuary City Press Conference San Bernardino, CA 8/4/17


Open Border “Clergy” Press Conference
Denouncing Attorney General Jeff Session’s Letter To San Bernardino Police Chief!

Trump Supporters Counter Rally In Support of Enforcing The Law
8/4/17 San Bernardino City Hall, San Bernardino, CA
Report by Robin Hvidston

READ Attorney General Jeff Session letter to the San Bernardino Police Chief. Scroll down to letter #3.

San Bernardino City Hall – staging in front of the pro illegal press conference.

As the “clergy” and pro illegal groups arrived, a “fence” had been “constructed” along the walkway to the press conference.
San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said Thursday that San Bernardino is not a ‘Sanctuary City’ and will have a hard time complying with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ requests to show they comply with immigration authorities.
The Justice Department sent letters to Burguan and four other police departments earlier Today, asking them to confirm their cooperation with U.S. immigration officials or face losing federal assistance to confront crime.
Sessions is asking for the aforementioned cities to honor requests from the Department of Justice to contact the Department of Homeland Security 48 hours prior to releasing undocumented immigrants and possibly detain them for up to 48 hours to permit immigration authorities to take over custody.
“Each of these provisions are directed at jurisdictions who operate correctional or detention facilities,” Burguan said in a press statement. “The City of San Bernardino Police Department does not operate a jail facility.  Those individuals arrested by the Police Department are booked and lodged into the custody of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.”