Spanish Brochures 4/16/15

Brochures in Rep Pete Aguilar’s office – displayed on his reception area, front counter along with books published by pro amnesty immigration attorneys.
4/16/15 Rancho Cucamonga, CA  Rep Pete Aguilar’s district office.
There appeared to be no corresponding brochures in English. The brochures were published by the San Bernardino Mexican Consulate.


Brochure #1  This is a Spanish language only brochure.
Above is one of the brochures, in Spanish, on Rep Pete Aguilar’s front counter. It reads, “What Mexicans should know about keeping a passport current.”
Brochure #2  This is a Spanish language only brochure.
Above is one of the brochures, in Spanish, on Rep Pete Aguilar’s front counter. It reads, “Immigration Update : What Mexican / Immigrants should know. Various political actors have submitted proposals for comprehensive immigration reform in the United States. Among the items for discussion are the status of undocumented people already in US territory and mechanisms for applications for the future.”
ARTICLE: Rep Pete Aguilar Meets With Family with Illegals, Redlands, CA

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Constituents delivered a pink slip to the district office of Rep Pete Aguilar after he refused to take the pink slip when it was presented to him at a Meet & Greet in Redlands, CA on 4/9/15. Books written by pro amnesty immigration attorneys as well as brochures in Spanish were on display in the reception area. Video by Robin Hvidston, We The People Rising.

CA State Senator Ricardo Lara Immigration Roundtable 3/27/15 South Gate, CA

Above, Citizen Lobbyists seeking to enter the public building and attend Senator Ricardo Lara’s Immigration Roundtable Discussion at South Gate Auditorium.

Senator Ricardo Lara

CALL (916) 651-4033

Senator Ricardo Lara did not appear happy to see the Citizen Lobby group walk into the meeting, escorted into the room by more than a dozen officers.

Rep Luis Guiterrez Immigration Town Hall USC 3/21/15

Above video – First U.S. citizen escorted out of the town hall.

Above video – Second U.S. citizen escorted out of the town hall

March 21, 2015
Los Angeles USC Congressional Immigration Town Hall. Rep Karen Bass promoted her town hall featuring Rep Luis Guiterrez. However, Rep Karen Bass did NOT attend. Mike McGetrick who stood up and asked several questions was eventually asked to leave the meeting by staff and an officer met with him outside of the meeting. Eventually Mike McGetrick was allowed to return to the meeting. The congressional meeting was staged in Spanish with English language translating devices. Rep Karen Bass’s promotional information did not state it would be Spanish language event.

Above photo, the small signs that were displayed during Rep Luis Guiterrez’s presentation.
Pro illegal Rep Luis Guiterrez was the featured speaker at Rep Karen Bass’s Immigration Town Hall, USC.


Rep Luis Guiterrez was booed by the pro immigration law enforcement attendees and
applauded by the pro illegal side.

2 U.S. citizens were escorted out during the event but not one pro illegal – when they disrupted the town hall – was escorted out.

The pro law enforcement group filled the first few rows. But there were a lot of empty seats at the event.

CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla San Bernardino, CA

3/7/15 San Bernardino, CA
After officiating at newly elected Rep Pete Aguilar’s swearing in ceremony, CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla posed with attendees for photos. When Citizen Lobbyists sought to ask him questions about election integrity, the secretary of state, trotted off to his vehicle and exited the parking lot. Video filmed by Robin Hvidston We The People Rising and CA representatives for The Remembrance Project Stolen Lives Quilt Project.

U.S. Citizens “illegally” Inside of the Mexican Consulate San Bernardino, CA

2/27/15 San Bernardino, CA – After being told to exit the Mexican Consulate, U.S. citizens remained “illegally.” When inside of the Mexican Consulate, you are on Mexican soil.
U.S. Citizens staged a demonstration in opposition to Obama’s unilateral, executive immigration plan in front of the San Bernardino City Hall (former DHS satellite office) and the San Bernardino Mexican Consulate. Citizens presented a letter to Deputy Consul Hugo Rene Oliva Romero. When asked to leave the consulate, U.S. Citizens stated they were on Mexican soil illegally and requested driver’s licenses, work permits, food stamps and rights from the Mexican government. Video by Robin Hvidston, We The People Rising

2/27/15 San Bernardino, CA
After a No Executive Amnesty rally across the street in front of the San Bernardino City Hall, next to the former DHS satellite office, rally participants entered the Mexican Consulate to deliver a file copy of the letter to DHS in opposition to Obama’s amnesty plan.