San Diego Open-Borders Protest (Otay Mesa Port of Entry)

Published on Mar 11, 2014

A pro-illegal immigration protest was held at the Otay Mesa border crossing (San Diego) on March 10, 2014, led by open-border extremists and Chicano nationalists. There was some concern the crowd on the Mexican side would rush the border crossing, but CBP agents were forewarned and well-prepared. Only a few dozen protesters gathered on the other side and were blocked by CBP agents.

The protest demanded that relatives of so-called dreamers be returned to the US. About 30 people were reported to have attempted to cross the border. Some claimed discrimination in Mexico due to such things as homosexuality or as abused women and asked for asylum. Such requesters are often given entry into the US and housed in hotels at taxpayer expense until they can be heard in court. The asylum seekers often disappear in the meantime after a good rest in the hotel at taxpayer expense and never show up in court.

The lone counter-protester argued that Mexicans should be protesting the corrupt Government in Mexico, run by the drug cartels, and try to make things better for all Mexicans, not just a few, and that illegal aliens are criminals. She said that Mexicans ought to respect the law and appreciate the US.

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform With Pathway To Citizenship Letter


Assemblyman Mansoor Costa Mesa, CA Town Hall Meeting, 2/27/14

VIDEO # 1 transcript: “I have been (blasted) by both anti-illegal immigration groups and pro-illegal immigration groups.  One calls me racist and the other calls me a sellout.  But my views have never changed.  Last year, I joined several of my Republican colleagues in the California State Assembly in signing a letter that called for immigration reform. We asked for border security first and foremost.  The second thing we asked for was employer sanctions.  The letter was simple and clear. There is a problem and it needs to be fixed.  Pro-amnesty groups used this letter – that we  signed many months before – and removed the date and put quotes out of context in a full page newspaper ad to imply I supported the amnesty proposal that was put forward by Speaker Boehner.  Amnesty is immediate citizenship that I do not support.  What I do support is reform.  That is why I did what I did when I was a mayor of Costa Mesa.  Put forward a proposal to work with immigration and customs enforcement so we could screen people here illegally who commit crime.”

15 CA State Republican Legislators signed an undated letter to the CA California Congressional Delegation in support of comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, asking Speaker Boehner to “Call The Vote.”  The letter was promoted by the Western Growers Association, WGA, a pro-amnesty lobby group that donates to State Legislators.  WGA staged press conferences promoting the letter:  In the videos below and above,  CA Republican Assemblyman Allan Mansoor defends his signing of the letter at a Costa Mesa, February 27, 2014 Town Hall Meeting.  He claims the 6 paragraph letter calls for border enforcement and employer sanctions “first.” However,  the letter has but one line dedicated to border security and employer sanctions.  READ the undated letter promoted and posted on the WGA website:   Assemblyman Mansoor states that individuals who oppose the letter  are “extremists.”  Constituents and concerned citizen have met with Assemblyman Mansoor and have called for him to issue a new letter in support of American workers and veterans, but Assemblyman Mansoor will neither retract his signature from the letter nor issue a new letter.  ARTICLE:

Assemblyman Mansoor Accused Attendee at Town Hall


Costa Mesa Town Hall Meeting, February 27, 2014, Costa Mesa, CA.

VIDEO #2 transcript:  “One person here tonight who was passing out literature…she asked Daisy. Who works on my campaign if she was here legally…or if she was an illegal alien. She’s not. She came here from Vietnam. Many of you know my dad came her from Egypt. My mother from Sweden. My mother-in-law came from Vietnam to escape communism.  So all these things, I just want to say to you tonight, I completely respect the rule of law.  And I will continue to work with reasonable people in our community but I will not be (driven) by a handful of people who make racist remarks. I am not beholden to anyone from any extreme organization from either side who makes these types of comments. And I believe it is they who are giving reasonable people a bad name. With all that in mind, immigration is a federal issue, and we are here tonight to talk about state issues.”  The  attendee accused by Assemblyman Mansoor at the town hall for having asked a campaign worker if she was an illegal alien, said that she never made this statement to the staff member.  

Assemblyman Mansoor was 1 of 15 CA Republican State Legislators who signed a letter to the CA Republican Congressional Delegation in support of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.  The Western Grows Association, WGA, promoted the letter and staged press conferences. READ the letter here: